The Carnival of Acireale
<< The most beautiful carnival in Sicily... a Baroque triumph of lights and colors, of the disguise, of the collective joy and of the taste to be together >>

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cireale is undisputed "queen" of the Sicilian carnival.
Ten artisan yards feverishly work every year to prepare as many wagons that, on the occasion of the "more beautiful carnival of Sicily", they unthread stately in procession for the roads of the center, in an I exult of colors and imagination among thousand of people that fill the roads and the plazas of the city originating from the whole island,:

they are the allegorical wagons and those flowered, busy in an official competition that he/she elects the winners of the two categories. The demonstration, that he develops under the patronage of numerous corporate body, hard over a week and you/he/she has enriched from shows in plaza, shows, competed, musical diversions and evenings of dances, culminating in the end of Fat Tuesday with the fire of the king carnival and the pyrotechnic games.

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A curiosity: the wagons acesi live a second life; ended the carnival, in fact, you/they are exposed in a yard and subsequently gotten off and sold, in the single parts, to varied Common of the island, that you/they use them, recomposing more them in whole redoubts dimensions, for the carnival of the following year. They is finally, destroyed.

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