Show of 2006 !!!!

28 Luglio 2005 ore 20:30
Inauguration of Theatre in Alessi street - Acireale
Entry both invitation and for public !!!!

Mirabilia 2005 - Catanzaro (Italy) from 9 th to 17 th July
Seek availability and books on line hotel near Theater Sicilian Puppets Macrì by Active Hotels
Every wednesday from May to October
at Cine Theater Olimpia of Taormina
near Greek theater
In August show also every sundays

Shows of 2005 !!!

Festival of Sacred Music - Maastricht (Holland)
September 17-19 th 2004
Town hall of Castelmola (Messina)
Sicilian Puppets of Macrì show every thursday at 20:30 at Town auditorium

On-line our curriculum of ancient theater
58 placards with quotation from 50 to 250 euro
Shows of 2003 !!!!
Over 2700 visits from January 1 2002 to March 16 2003 !!!
The history of the Placards of Macrì's Theater of Sicilian Puppets
50 placards with quotations from 50 to 200 Euro
Increased the space for our ancient puppets in sale.
Visits our gallery (more than 50 puppets !!)

Shows of 2002 !!!!

The theater of the Sicilian puppets declared by the UNESCO Masterpiece of the immaterial patrimony of the humanity

The theater of the Sicilians Puppets of Emanuele Macrì has been transferred on since November 16 th 2001