Cliicca to load the image ingradita 98 Kbyteses << Nothing of better of the opera of the Sicilian puppets to find again the images of the lost dreams >>
Lawrence Gigli

<< A secular epic-chivalrous world, through which it waves the heroic sense of the life according to the popular soul, survives and speaks to us >>
Paul Toschi

Theatrical Shows

  • Alexander Magno
  • Histories of the paladins of France
  • Rinaldino
  • Guerin Meschino
  • Guido of Santa Cross
  • Duel of Roland and Agricane
  • Duel of Roland and Ferraù
  • The rout of Roncisvalle and death of Roland
  • The nativity
  • Duel of Argante and Tancredi
  • The vantamento
  • Death of Agricane

  • The Royal of France
  • Dolores e Straniero
  • Freed Jerusalem
  • Erminio of gold star
  • Geneva of Scotland
  • Fight of Roland and Rinaldo for Angelic
  • Don´s Chiaro death
  • Crispi Innocente
  • The adventures of Roland
  • Duel among Ideo Savage and Tigreleone
  • Roland and Troiano

Shows in Italy

Shows to the foreign countries